Mason Bees - Osmia rufa / O.cornuta

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Osmia rufa on Phacelia Copulation of Red Mason Bee Cocoons of Red Mason Bee Osmia rufa on Satureja hortensis Sambucus nigra as nesting material Sunflower Soil collector Borago officinalis Bee hotel Strawberryflowers Rapeseed

The Red Mason Bee (Osmia rufa L. syn. O. bicornis), endemic in Middle Europe is a solitary bee
pollinating a wide spectrum of miscellaneous plant species by foraging and provisioning.

The pollination of flowering plants and the resulting seed set is the prerequisite of seed and fruit yield and plays an important role in fruit-growing, in plant breeding programmes, in preservation of plant genetic resources as well as in plant species conservation.

In the reproduction of Mason Bees our company has collected 10 years of experiences.

New!! in our nesting material assortment is the Professional multi-use nesting block.

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  Further information to use Osmia rufa you can find here.

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