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Nesting material to settle wild bees

New in our Assortment is the Professional Multi-use Nesting Block consists of 8 single boards from wood
for easy cleaning and parasites control by lowest block volume and gratest multiplication density.

It is useful for the commercial use of wild bees for pollination e.g. in orchards. For smaller backyards and the private sector nesting tins are suitable.


Description Picture Price*
Nesting block
Size 150x90x180mm
Consist of 8 wooden boards
With 80 cavities for up to 1000 cocoons!!
incl. installation kit
22,00 €
Multi use
Wooden module
Size 150x11x180mm
With 11-12 groves at both sites (Ø8mm)+ 4 boreholes
for lowest space
2,20 €
Installation kit
for Modules
To build soluble compounds of modules
4 screws (100mm), 4 butterfly nuts, 4 washers
3,00 €
Nesting bundle
Size S
10 Tubes (Ø6+8mm x 90mm)
(e.g. for bundle exchange
at nesting tins)
0,80 €
Nesting bundle
Size M
10 Tubes (Ø8mm x 150mm)
(e.g. for bundle exchange
at orchard nesting place)
1,00 €
Nesting bundle
Size L

20 Tubes (Ø8mm x 150mm)

1,50 €
Nesting tin
Size S
Tin with 1 nesting bundle
with 10 tubes (Ø6+8mm x 90mm)
for 5-10 bees
1,20 €
Nesting tin
Size M
Tin with 2 nesting bundles
with 10 tubes (Ø6+8mm x 90mm)
for 10-20 bees
2,00 €
Nesting tin
Size L
Tin with 3 nesting bundles
with 10 tubes (Ø6+8mm x 90mm)
for 20-30 bees
2,80 €
Nesting tin
Size XL
Tin with 4 nesting bundles
with 10 tubes (Ø6+8mm x 90mm)
for 30-40 bees
3,60 €
Nesting tin
Size XXL
Tin with 3 nesting bundle
with 20 tubes (Ø6+8mm x 90mm)
for 40-60 bees
5,20 €

* plus tax and mailing expenses (postage & package)
Download of the price list as pdf-file (21kb)

Nesting material please order here.

    Here   you can order starting populations of Red Mason Bees for first settlement.

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