Mason Bees - Osmia rufa / O.cornuta

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Sale of (Osmia rufa ) and (O. cornuta )

Mason Bees are delivered as cocoons. The cocoons contain female as well as male individuals in the natural sex ratio.

From the end of March we recommend transportation with express and cold pack or pick up by the customer. Ordering for the current season is possible until the end of April.

Red Mason Bee (Osmia rufa) :


Price Availability
0,70 €/Cocoon *yes
Starting population (small)
200 Cocoons
110 €/Pop.*yes
Starting population (large)
500 Cocoons
275 €/Pop.*yes

* plus tax and mailing expenses (postage, package & insurance)

For prices and delivery amounts of the Hornfaced Bee (O. cornuta) please contact us.

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